Who we are

We are a company founded in 2007, dedicated to the materialization of your dreamed space. For ROA Custom Furniture, any place expresse an idea, a way of living, a particular style, whose character is inspired by the personality of the one who lives it, and that is you...The most important thing for us is to transform your ideas into reality.

What we do

In each room or kitchen, in each scenario where your life takes place, we use all of our knowledge in design, architecture, furniture, upholstery, and carpentry to fulfill your imaginative aspirations. At ROA Custom Furniture, we build privileged places, those that become your sanctuaries. We renew spaces that you considered lost or forgotten and we convert the sketches in your mind into a design and exclusive products.

How we do

We value handmade creation, we exalt that special material that is made for the sensations you are looking for. Imagine that a wall, a corner or a large physical space in a blank canvas. You have the creative power to enhance it, change it, rebuild it...In ROA Custom Furniture we take charge of intervening that canvas transform your inspiration into an aesthetic concept.
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